General Tips to Increase Productivity while Working at Home

As we continue to work from home and adapt to this new routine, our team has put together some tips that have helped us be more productive during our workday. These four tips are simple steps you can do to help yourself during this time.

1. Find a comfortable spot to work: This is the most important step to being successful from home. Your couch may work for a few days but probably won’t be the best for you long term. An office desk or kitchen table with a nice chair will allow you to spread out your supplies, mimic your normal workspace and still be comfortable.

2. Create a clear separation of work and home: Normally when you leave the office that ends the workday, but now that you are working from your home and don’t have that separation. You must force yourself to create it. Simple tasks such as shutting the door to your workspace or pushing your work papers and computer to the side at the end of the day helps create this separation. This helps you from feeling like you need to work all night and allows the others in your household to understand when you are working and when you aren’t.

3. Do at least one activity before you start your day: When you’re working from home it’s easy just to roll out of bed, open your computer, and get to work. As much as we enjoy this extra bit of sleep, starting your day with an activity can help increase your productivity for the rest of the day. Taking a walk, eating breakfast, or even drinking a cup of coffee gives your body time to be fully alert after waking up, then you can start your workday.

4. Check in with your team: Adjusting to work from home is hard for everyone. It is important that employees can access their files, emails, and applications. Check in with your staff to make sure their technology is working as planned. Make sure the technology is helping your staff not hindering. If it is not, give us a call and we can make sure your team is able be more productive while work from home.